Joyce Acebo-Raguskus

Joyce Acebo-Raguskus is a writer and poet. Her work explores the need for positive human expression, in ways that ‘compliment’ human evolution. She firmly believes that art, poetry and spoken word helps to move us into that intimate experience, beyond. In addition to writing, Joyce also dedicates time to the non-profits Clean Water Action and the Coalition For A Safe & Healthy CT.

Antoinette Brim

Antoinette Brim is an award-winning writer and visual artist. Author of These Women You Gave Me (forthcoming in 2017), Icarus in Love, and Psalm of the Sunflower, Brim has a wide breadth of work to share. Antoinette recently exhibited both poetry and monoprints in Jazz: An exhibition of Poetry, Prints and Photography at the Sumner McKnight Crosby Jr. Gallery in New Haven, CT. She serves on the Board of the Creative Arts Workshop in New Haven, CT in addition to being a sought after speaker, editor, educator, consultant, and an Assistant Professor of English at Capital Community College.

Poet Iyaba Ibo Mandngo
Iyaba Ibo Mandingo

Iyaba Ibo Mandingo is a poet, activist, and painter from Antigua. Iyaba studied fine arts at Southern Connecticut State University and today teaches the tri-state area as a Master Teaching Artist. Iyaba is a two-time Connecticut Grand Slam champion and in January 2011 won Yale University’s Martin Luther King Birthday Invitational Slam, his third such win. He appears regularly as a performance poet in venues across the United States and abroad, including Nuyorican Poetry Café, Brooklyn Moon, and Next Door Café among others in the NY area and was the keynote performer at the 2011 Westchester, NY Poetry Festival.


Shanna T. Melton Poetic soul Arts
Shanna T. Melton

Shanna Melton is a Poet, Painter and Art Consultant from Bridgeport, CT. She currently serves as The Ambassador of Poetry at Housatonic Community College. Shanna has performed in poetry venues from Atlanta through Canada. Her work carries the essence of women, men, people of color, and poetry. Shanna is the founder of Lyrical Voices Night of Poetry & Arts, The Writer’s Group, and co-founder of Verses a night of poetry at the Nuyorican Poets Café presented by Urbintel Productions. She is also the author of a collection of poetry titled “A Voice in the Symphony”. She is the author of the poetry collection “Unraveling My Thoughts.”

Keith Roland

Keith Roland is a visual artist and writer searching to encapsulate in art what ideas roil in his mind. His creations are a paradox between desire to tame and desire to set free those thoughts that rumble forth through the camera or onto the page. Keith is the founder of the writer’s group Skeleton Assembly and  regularly shares his work on ALSO THAT.

Photo by Eric Lee Bowman
Mick Theebs

Mick Theebs is a writer, painter, and founder of the website ALSO THAT. He is the author of the collections Kiss With TeethHeart of Fire, and The Greatest Man Who Never Lived in addition to many short stories and longer works of fiction. A graduate of Northeastern University in Boston, Mick currently serves as the inaugural Poet Laureate of Milford, CT.

Demand Poetry

Elizabeth G. Howard - Demand Poet Connecticut
Elizabeth G. Howard

Elizabeth G. Howard is a journalist and Demand Poet. Her writing focuses on the ordinary details of life, using distinct imagery to render new impressions of common ideas. With Demand Poetry, Howard brings her Olivetti Lettera portable typewriter to live events, to write “on demand” poetry for customers. Howard has been writing for over 35 years, published internationally, including Boston Review, Kansas City Review, The Des Moines Register, the Kansas City Star, Craft Magazine, Bentlily and more.