Featured Artist Tom Ryan on A Big Mess


Tom Ryan_ComicConTom Ryan is the owner of Tom Ryan’s Studio. He is an illustrator and artist who makes paintings, “geekery” (think all things beloved by those who love ComicCon) and skateboard art. He lives and works in Naugatuck.

CAGCT: What is your primary medium?

TR: I work in all types of mediums. My paintings tend to be a mixture of Spray Paint, Acrylic, and Ink on surfaces that range from canvas, walls, wood, and skateboards.

I’m also very familiar with the digital medium using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and even some video editing software.

Allons-y by Tom Ryan
Original “Dr. Who”-inspired art by Tom Ryan

CAGCT: Do you “do” art full time?

Yes. In one way or another art is my career.

Be it designing beer cans for a brewery, editing video for a photography studio, painting commissions, or selling my personal work through events like this and comic con’s, I’ve made my choice to do this full time. It’s not easy, and does not always pay the bills (on time) but I would have it no other way.

Tom Ryan's Studio: Pink-Finned Koi on Wood
Pink-Finned Koi on Wood

CAGCT: Where do you work?

TR: My studio. It’s an absolute mess. It’s very much like a mad scientist’s lair, with paint, brushes, pens, old and new work just everywhere you can look. When the mass hysteria gets to be at a certain boiling point, I’ll stop working on whatever it is and address the studio with a massive cleanup. And then 20 minutes later it’s back to being the way it was.

Meet Tom Ryan at Artists & Artisans in Paradise, Sunday, August 30th at Paradise Green, Stratford. Yes, he WILL be signing autographs.