Tips for Marketing Your Art


The Coastal Arts Guild of CT wants our artists to sell their artwork and have a successful show.  Marketing your art may sound intimidating, but it is mostly footwork.

With the help of marketing specialist Randye Spina of Affordable Marketing Solutions, we put together the essential list for marketing your art at an art show

Marketing Your Art - Artists and Artisans in Paradise

By following these tips, you’ll be taking a proactive role in marketing your art and getting yourself known! Most of these tips for marketing your art cost little to no money — they just require some time and effort.

Pre-Show prep:

  • Post the show on your website.
  • Put a notice into your email signature block several weeks before the show
  • Once a week or so, remind your friends and groups on Facebook. Show them an image of your work, and give them a link to the show site.
  • Follow the Facebook page for the event. It makes sharing promotion of the event even easier!
  • Send an “email blast” to your list of contacts. Don’t have one? You can learn how! 
  • Create an email/mail signup sheet. Just put a lined piece of paper on a clipboard at write “Sign-up for Updates from Me!” at the top.
  • Send personal invitations to anyone who is a good customer
  • Ask the event organizer if there is an opportunity to be a Featured Artist.
  • Get connected with an mobile credit card reader so you don’t lose the sales of potential buyers who want to pay with credit card.
  • Invest in a tall stool or chair, so that when you are sitting, you’re still at eye level
  • Pack hand-held food that can be put away discretely. Potential customers can feel awkward if they think they’re interrupting your lunch.
  • Have business cards printed. Include all of the following that you have:
    • Name
    • The products you sell
    • Image of art  – For most cards this does not cost much more
    • Email address
    • Phone number
    • Website
    • Facebook page
    • Twitter Handle
    • Mailing address
  • Have bags to pack items for your buyers. Staple your business card to the bag, or put fliers or cards inside the bag
  • Display or print cards with information about your next show/s.
  • Create and distribute a press release to local media outlets and free online sites. Include a photo!
  • Sign and include a tag with all your work. Include website or email address.
  • Create and display great signage from all angles!

At the show:

  • Take Photos! Take photos of:
    • Customers and browsers,
    • Your displays,
    • The event
    • Yourselfie… alone and with other artists!
  • Have plenty of business cards to hand out
  • Post a one-page artist bio with your photo.
  • Request not to be placed next to a competitor
  • Try not to sit for too long or look desperate
  • Engage those who admire your work. Tell them your story.
  • Ask them to sign up for your email/mail list. Clipboard, paper and pencil. 

Post-Show follow up:

  • Email/mail everyone a thank you for stopping by
  • Send separate, special thank-yous to those who purchased
  • Post photos and a quick update (soon!) on your website and social media of the exhibit
  • If you sold an important piece, create another press release and share with local media, post on free sites.

For more great support, knowledge and general frivolity, join the Coastal Arts Guild of CT (formerly the Stratford Arts Guild). We meet the first Tuesday of the month at Two Roads Brewing Company in Stratford. All creatives are welcome.