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Some articles and buzz we got in the local press over the years for our show:

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Schedule of Performances

Press Releases

Artists & Artisans General EVENT Press Release – 2014

Poetry on the Hour Press Release 2014

Student Competition Press Release 2014

SAG Radio PSAs for Artists & Artisans 2014

Featured Artists, Poets and Performers

Each year we feature some of our artists and their work in a series we call “Meet the Artisan.”

Poetry on the Hour

This year we will be featuring four poets who will be reading poetry live on Paradise Green, at the top of every hour.

Our featured poet is Norah Pollard, Stratford native and award-winning author.

Norah Pollard
Featured Poet Norah Pollard

Photos for Publication (click image for full resolution)

Photo by Elizabeth Howard
Photo by Elizabeth Howard

Artists and Artisans in Paradise Poster 2014 Stratford Arts Guild