Boho Art Expressions

Boho Art Expressions

Handmade and upcycled treasures for the home using recycled materials as much as possible and specializing in polymer clay.

About the artist:
Valerie is a self taught mixed media artist working mostly with plaster, paper, polymer clay, and anything else she can get her hands on. She loves recycled products to mix with her creative bohemian style. She dabbles in jewelry and accessories, creates home accents and decor, and mostly unique Latin style shrines and boxes.

Some of Valerie’s art is meant to add splashes of color and humor to ordinary areas of your home or office that could benefit from some fun and happiness.

She believes you must let your inner guide decide what you need in your personal space, so she makes her shrines interactive, leaving spaces open for you to incorporate your own personal touch.

Valerie’s jewelry is a new adventure and continues with her beliefs that life’s little things reflect our moods and state of mind. They are designed as unique works of art that inspire or humor!

Examples of my work