Monica Hewryk Ceramics

Monica Hewryk Ceramics


Type of work:
Ceramic sculptures searching to create movement.

I graduated from Central Connecticut State University with a Bachelor in Art and a focus in ceramics in 2014. I have been developing my skills as a potter for five years. I currently work at a private studio at home. I want to teach ceramics and pass on this knowledge to other individuals and spread the passion for ceramics.

My work shows a representation of who I am. It is what it is and you have to work with what you have. Accept it. Embrace it. My artwork brings a sense of appreciation for the imperfect. Focusing primarily on sculptural work, I have been experimenting with pushing the plasticity of the material even further. Using warping to my advantages, my body of work resembles vessels that are decaying, melting, exploding or presenting movement. My enthusiasm and drive for ceramics keeps growing.

Examples of my work