Serenity Bamboo Flutes

Serenity Bamboo Flutes


Using bamboo, an environmental sustained product, we create our flutes. The pole we use is 12′ of raw bamboo. From this pole, we measure the internal diameter (which is the heart and sole of the music) and cut the pole into various sizes. We then measure, drill, cut and burn until we have created bamboo flutes, in 5 keys, and 3 styles, Walking Stick Flutes in the major scale of G, some hand painted and some etched, all burnt with various patterns, and our final product is a cane that is also a flute. We take time with each of our clients, and especially the ones who buy a cane. Your cane needs to be fitted to you, and that’s what we do. We fit and customize the cane for the person right at the booth. It’s the type of service you can expect when the artisan is actually representing their own work.

About Serenity Bamboo Flutes:
Since 1974 we have been creating Bamboo Flutes, Walking Stick Flutes and Canes that are Flutes.
Drawing upon Nicks (my husband) musical background and our personal creativity, we make instruments and walking sticks that are both durable and musical.
All right, so the flute doesn’t actually walk, you do. But when this one of a kind walking stick flute, has accompanied you to the top of your favorite hill, you can sit down and make it come alive with the sound of music! It’s a 4′ bamboo walking stick with a flute in the center! It is unique, affordable and handmade entirely by us.

Examples of our work