The Alpaca Gnomes

The Alpaca Gnomes

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We are a collective of musical gnomes who travel from gig to gig and place to place by way of Alpaca’s. Therefore, we are The Alpaca Gnomes! We bring musical joy and overall giddyness to all people of all races in all places.

We are an original band and have recently completed our self-titled debut album. In addition to playing our own compositions, we  enjoy playing the music of others such as: Johnny Cash and Bill Withers; Grateful Dead and Pearl Jam; The Beatles and A Tribe Called Quest; Led Zeppelin and The Beastie Boys; Tom Petty and Sublime. In short, we like to mix it up.

The Alpaca Gnomes are Benny Mikula, Michael Gargano, Martin Amidon, Chris Barry, Kim Curtin, Matt Summ and sometimes, Matt Miklus.

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