Uncommon Night Crawlers

Uncommon Night Crawlers

for booking please call (203) 209-2779
email: irenahart@yahoo.com
Website: www.uncommonnightcrawlers.com

Uncommon Night Crawlers are a band which performs music in the “Old Time String Band” style with irreverent fervor and abandon.  They are in the tradition of early acoustic Punk music – as it would have been played in the 1920’s and 1930’s, if such a genre were to exist back then.

Even better, they love to “gussie up” and have fun.

About the band:
Glenn Behrle on banjo, mandolin, guitar kazoo and singing saw;

Louise Whelan on fiddle; Irena Hart Makarchuk on guitar, ukulele and just starting to play banjo now; and ever mysterious and hot to trot Laverne on the wash tub base and all other percussion that Glenn can invent and jury rig together – which is a rather interesting display in and of itself and we are working on patenting some of his latest designs as we speak.

Everybody sings.
Crawlers also throw in an occasional original into the mix – just to keep you guessing.

Glenn has been playing in bands since 1965, first on electric guitar before discovering his true musical passion, the mandolin in the early 1970’s and later adding fiddle and banjo to his bag of tools.

Glenn has quite a collection of instruments – so just to hear him play all of those those is a super special treat.

Louise has played fiddle for most of her life; she and Glenn met and played old timey music together in the 80’s before she turned her energies toward Irish music. Several years ago they reconnected and after Glenn had a vision about an old time music band – Louise and Glenn resumed playing the old-time tunes.

Irena Hart is a singer/songwriter and band leader who was born in the Ukraine and knew little about old-time American string band music, and she took to this style straight off.  She is the official  “Kookie Ukie” of the ban.

Laverne is the enigma of the band. She left high paying vocation as a bass player in a post-industrial punk band in order to pursue her studies as a washtub bass player and is currently working on her advanced degree. Laverne is the true beating heart of The ‘Crawlers.’